Stainless Steel Penstock

Design for non-corrosive water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants, water diversion projects, drainage and many other fluid control applications.

Generally, the Stainless Steel penstock is design for medium water head application with very low leakage rate requirements. EPDM resilient rubber seals are used to provide the highest efficiency leakage control and long service life duty cycle. The penstock design is tailored using our engineering software to suit specific duty and aperture requirements.

The design is accordance to BS7775:05 specification which also meet the requirement of AWWA C561:14 standard.

Features and Advantages
• Supreme water leakage control
• Adjustable seating wedges application
• Wall, channel and side wall mounting methods
• Flexible aperture size design to various application
• Used of corrosion resistance materials
• Special request for zero (0) water leakage available upon request up to 6.0m head pressure with penstock size below 1000mm width

Frame and Gate
The frame and gate is fabricated by either SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel material. The penstocks come with standard flat back wall mounted or spigot frame with square or rectangular aperture opening. Frame seating face is machined with tight flatness requirement for the best leakage control. The gate is design for minimum 5 times of safety factor against the structure failure under maximum water pressure. It consist of skin plate welded with reinforce structural rib to enhance the design strength requirement. The gate seal is mounted to the machined gate surface with clamping bar and bolts for easy maintenance and replacement. Penstock for special application can also been custom made.

Top Frame (Yoke)
Top frame of the penstock are fitted to handle the thrust load for movement of the gate. Top frame is tailored design to suit the thrust load request for any individual penstock application. It shall be same material to the frame.

All seating faces are seal by EPDM runner seal for lowest leakage and higher service life requirement. EPDM material having the good resistant to chemical and water temperature also very stable in most of the submerge water application. The T-seal design gave the full clamping support to the seal to perfectly secure it to the gate during operation. This is to prevent the seal distortionand twisted during sliding against the frame under pressurized from the water head pressure. This design also will maximize the seal service life compare to other seal design.

KT Penstock provide stainless steel rising or non-rising spindle with the extension optional. The extension stem shall be the same material with the penstock spindle. Gunmetal is used as the spindle nut for better thrust movement.

Side Wedges
Side wedges is made by UHMWPE material for low friction high service life requirement. It attach to the adjustable bolts for minor adjustment to get better leakage and gate movement control after penstock installation.

    Other Accessories

  • STEM GUIDE with Wall Bracketfabricated by SUS304 or SUS316 and adjustable. The stem guide spacing shall not exceed l/r ratio of 200.

  • MUFF COUPLE casted by stainless steel and joint by locking stainless steel bolts & nuts to joint between ext. spindle to penstock and headstock.

  • FIXING BOLTS can be supply upon request.

Overview of Stainless Steel Penstock