KT Flap Valve water flow control

KT flap valve is usually attached to an end wall or cross culvert on the tidal side of a causeway or dike. The flap valve is hinged to the top of the frame to let the gate free moving depending on the 2 side pressure differences.
The flap valve closed itself by the gate weight and it was tightening by the front water pressure is higher than back pressure to close the water flow out of the opening.
This is happen when the front water level is higher. However, when the front water level is become low, the back pressure water will push the gate open and discharge water from the opening.

BS7775:05 Applications

  • To control water back flow application
  • For tidal wetlands preservation and restoration
  • Restores tidal flushing of marshes without flooding of upland property behind dikes and levees
  • Restoration of estuarine plants, fish, shellfish, waterfowl & wildlife
  • Deepening of downstream channels resulting in improved navigation

    Materials available for Flap Valve design

  • Body of gate and frame PVC / Stainless Stell 304 or 316 / Aluminium Alloy / HDPE

  • Body of mounting flange PVC / Stainless Steel 304 /316

  • Seal EPDM Seal

  • Hinge Stainless Steel 304 / 316

  • Bush Bronze Bush

Flap Valve