Weir gate / Down Open Penstock

KT weir gate is design for water level controlling application. It also can be used in water distribution, drainage and other places for flow and level controlling.
KT Penstock design under BS 7775:05 specification.

Materials available for casting:

  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Other Fabrication Types

Apertual Opening

  • Square
  • Rectangular

Operating Pressure:

  • ON Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock onto wall)
  • OFF Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock away from wall)
  • ON/OFF Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock both ways)

Types of Invert:

  • Non-Flush Bottom
  • Flush Bottom

Mounting Types:

  • Wall Mounting

Stem Types:

  • Rising Stems
  • Non-Rising Stems

Headstock Operation:

  • Electric Motorized(Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Manual Gearbox (Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Direct Manual (Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Pneumatically / Hydraulically
  • Direct Manual Headstock without indicator
KT Spigot Back Penstock
Penstock Dimension Flush Bottom Installation