Channel Penstock

Channel penstock is mount between the two side channel groove without mounting to the wall. It is used for channel water flow direction or for water distribution control purposed. It allows the overflow on top of the gate.
KT Penstock design under BS 7775:05 specification.

Materials available for casting:

  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Other Fabrication Types

Apertual Opening

  • Square
  • Rectangular

Operating Pressure:

  • ON Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock onto wall)
  • OFF Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock away from wall)
  • ON/OFF Seating Pressure (Fluid Pressure penstock both ways)

Types of Invert:

  • Non-Flush Bottom
  • Flush Bottom

Mounting Types:

  • Channel Mounting

Corrosion Resistant Material

  • All the sealing surface and the assembly hardware

Stem Types:

  • Rising Stems
  • Non-Rising Stems

Headstock Operation:

  • Electric Motorized(Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Manual Gearbox (Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Direct Manual (Rising / Non-Rising)
  • Pneumatically / Hydraulically
  • Direct Manual Headstock without indicator
KT Channel Penstock Penstock
Penstock Dimension Flush Bottom Installation