Weir gate (Non Obstructed Type) Penstock

Weir gate are usually used in most of the water works project for accurate regulated of flow or water level control application.
Non obstructed type of Weir gate gave you better flow measurement and less wearing of spindle due to the spindle is attach to the horizontal beam of the gate. Spindle is always free from the water.

Size of weir gate is available:


Frame and Gate:

  • The frame and gate are casted by Cast Iron(G-250) or Ductile Iron (G-500) for wall or thimble mounting application.
  • The sealing face is fixed securely either in 3 sides or 4 sides sealing depend of the flow control requirement.
  • The gate is design as down open operation concept where moving the gate upward will increase the water control level or decrease the flow rate of water.
  • The gate sealing face as standard is machined Cast Iron body.
  • However, upon request, the gate can be fully saced with sealing plate to enhance the accuracy of control and service life.

Sealing Faces:

  • Phosphor bonze sealing face to BS EN 12163 as the standard material, secure properly to the frame by taper countersunk screw.
  • For gate sealing face Cast Iron is the standard material or stainless steel plate to BS EN 10088 (SUS304 or SUS316) upon request.

Pressure Clamping Bar:

  • Cast iron pressure clamping bar attach with adjustable Gunmetal wedges are secured at two side of the frame for guiding and pressured the gate along the operation track.
  • It shall be machined in flat to make sure the water tightened in any position of the gate.

Door Nut:

  • Manufactured from Gunmetal (LG2) to BS EN 1982 for Non-Rising stem or Cast Iron to BS EN 1561 for Rising stem design.
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