Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Penstock

Quality Made In Malaysia Penstocks Or Sluice Gates For Waterworks, Sewage Management, Irrigation and Dam Project.

The KT Heavy Duty penstock were constructed of heavy duty cast iron or ductile iron main structure with stainless steel stem and fasterners, bronze sealing surface for high quality water sealing perfomance and suitable used for most water management relatation applications.

The product design and the allowable leakage rate is standard compliance with BS 7775:2005 standard requirement and equivalence to AWWA C-560:14

Features and Advantages:

  • Heavy Duty structure design
  • High impact resistance
  • Durable metal sealing faces
  • Adjustable seating wedges application
  • All sewage and water applications
  • More than 30 years service life design
  • etc.

Frame and Gate
The frame and gate are casted by cast iron or ductile iron material with rigid construction design against all possibility loading and impact. The frames are design for several different applications include standard flat back, spigot frame, weir type, channel mounted and flush bottom. The aperture sizes can be square, round and rectangular. Gate is design as in single piece casting structural to minimum 5 times of safety factor against structural failure. High solid epoxy finish is applied to prevent corrosion to the structural. Penstock for special application can also be custom made.

Seating & Wedges
All seating faces are use with bronze or gunmetal and having it’s good surface contact to achieve water tightening. Seating face gaping allowable is less than 0.1mm. The side wedges, top and bottom wedges are taper machined to give maximum contact face and wedge action. Top and bottom wedges devices are required for all OFF seating penstock. All wedges are design for easy adjustment to achieve better water tightened.

KT penstock provides rising and non-rising stem based on customer requirement. Gunmetal thrust nut are used for better thrust movement. Extension stem is given in various lengths as for various site elevations.

Spindle Nut
Manufactured from gunmetal material for Rising and Non-Rising stem applications.

Clamping Bar
Manufactured from cast iron material. Attach adjustable side wedges as pressure bar along the side of the frame as pressure adjuster toward water pressure and leakages control.

    Other Accessories

  • STEM GUIDE is main for guiding the stem. It is casted in cast iron. Stem guide spacing shall not exceed l/r ratio of 200.

  • MUFF COUPLE is casted by stainless steel and used as join for extension stem between penstock and headstock.

  • HEADSTOCK WALL BRACKET is casted by cast iron. It is mounted direct to the floor slab for headstock side wall mounting.Used together with headstock as operating pedestal to penstock in manual or motorize operation.

Overview of Cast Iron Penstock